Every Business Today Lives or Dies by Its Supply Chain

Live a little Better 

Global Supply Chain Group possesses the right mix of skills, tools and culture to help companies win Supply Chain Advantage. All three are necessary to achieve the outstanding benefits.​
Skills and Experience:

Our key people have a combined top-tier experience of more than 60 years in all aspects of global supply chains. Our skill-sets complement each other to form the strong suit necessary for Supply Chain Advantage.

  • Analytical Skills:
  •  Supply chain thought leadership
  •  Fact based analytical approach to problem solving and strategic thinking ability
  •  Ability to pick the right supply chain tool for the situation and use it in the right manner
  •  Emphasis on value creation and delivery against targets
  •  Fact based communication
  • Business Skills:
  • Ability to differentiate between effective supply chain tools and expensive fads
  •  Good knowledge of the logistics industry and business climate
  •  Excellent network of contacts in the global logistics industry to initiate discussions at necessary levels
  •  Ability to ‘make’ deals and make them work
  •  Hands-on experience in all arenas of the logistics field
  • Systems Skills:
  • Ability to bring together and program manage diverse IT vendors
  •  Simulation/ Modelling skills
  •  Good knowledge of capabilities and limitations of the whole spectrum of Supply Chain Management software
Supply Chain Tools and Methodologies:

Through our years of work in global and local supply chains we have developed a strong suit of tools and methodologies which can deployed at short notice, if necessary. These allow us to short circuit the learning cycle and the time it takes for us to effectively start adding value in our clients’ business. Some of the tools we can rapidly deploy are:

  • Supply Chain performance diagnostics methodology
  •  Supply Chain performance benchmarks
  •  Supply Chain mapping templates
  •  Supply Chain data extraction and analysis – methodology and templates
  •  Inventory targeting methodology and templates
  •  Network optimisation methodology and templates
  •  Logistics suppliers – RFP and RFQ templates and benchmarks
  •  Constraints based planning – methodology and templates
  •  Supply Chain Planning and Scheduling diagnostics methodologies
  •  Several other cutting edge supply chain modelling methodologies and templates (for a confidential discussion on these please contact us)
Culture of delivering bottom-line benefit:

Above all, what sets Global Supply Chain Group apart from the supply chain theorists is our culture of consistently delivering bottom line benefit. Our people are trained to identify areas of highest leverage in supply chains – delivering maximum benefit in shortest possible time. Our outstanding track-record of working with senior management in our clients to set ambitious targets and delivering against them has created our culture of focusing on bottom line benefits.