Will Samsung Use Galaxy S5 to Eat Apple’s Lunch?

Will Samsung Use Galaxy S5 to Eat Apple’s Lunch?






January 8, 2019

The world’s biggest smartphone maker has struck again with the announcement of its flagship Galaxy S model to hit stores this April. Samsung Galaxy S5, unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, features fingerprint technology similar to Apple’s latest iPhone 5S.

Samsung also packs a whole lot of attractive features in its new 5.1-inch full HD screen phone, including a heart rate sensor, near field communications (NFC) sensor, 16-megapixel camera, water and dust resistance, higher capacity (than its last model) battery, and a leather-like back.

“Samsung is in an extremely favourable position with PayPal agreeing to be the first global payments company to support the fingerprint technology in Galaxy S5 phones. This partnership will enable Samsung to prove to consumers the true power of fingerprint security beyond what Apple proposed with its iPhone 5S launch”, said Vivek Sood – CEO of Global Supply Chain Group.

Hill Ferguson, Chief Product Officer, PayPal said in a blog entry: “By working with Samsung to leverage fingerprint authentication technology on their new Samsung Galaxy S5, we are able to demonstrate to consumers don’t need to sacrifice convenience to increase security.”

The announcement came just one day after PayPal said it would be available on Samsung’s new Gear 2 smartwatches. Samsung has segmented its target consumers and delivered three versions of this product line: fashionable, functional and fitness-focussed.

“What’s more notable in terms of strategy is how Samsung has started to lower dependence on Google’s Android OS by adopting Tizen, a Linux-based OS, for its smartwatches. To gain dominance, Samsung is levering its business network strategically, picking and choosing partners that can help the company win on different fronts,” said Sood – author of the book “5-Star Business Network”.

The open-source OS war by smartphone makers is as hot as ever, with Ubuntu, the most popular version of Linux, set to be available on smartphones by the end of this year.

Apart from two technology giants Apple and Google, Samsung also has to go against smaller yet growing smartphone makers, especially in the lucrative Chinese market. Although currently the top vendor in China with 19% of market share, Samsung needs to watch out for Lenovo and Xiaomi, who own 12% and 7% of the market respectively.

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  • Yes, Of-course it will definitely eat Apple’s lunch because The Galaxy S5 includes a ridiculous number of new features.

    You won’t easily run out of things to do with the Galaxy S5. Including taking it to fancy medieval-looking halls.

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 is out now and for a full evaluation of all, it has to offer, check out Jessica Dolcourt’s full exhaustive review.

    However, if you already own the S5 and are itching to delve into its many features, we’ve got something we think you’ll really like.

    All of our Galaxy S5 How-To content will be posted here, both blogs and videos and blogs with videos. Keep checking this web zone for more updates and take a look at what we have now.

  • As always Samsung promises to give better user interface to their customer of Samsung Mobiles eventually they have come up with this new amazing smartphone.

  • The Samsung Galaxy has been overpowering Apple like a giant. In the last few years, Samsung sold twice as many smartphones as Apple did. That’s even more remarkable when you consider how quickly Samsung has outdistanced Apple. And Samsung is increasing the number of smartphones sold per year. Samsung has the potential to dominate Apple’s launch as in my opinion, the market value and demand of Samsung is high.

  • Samsung has accomplished the feat by offering consumers multiple smartphone options, different colors, sizes, features, platforms, and price points. Samsung updates its smartphone lines throughout the year. Apple refreshes the iPhone once a year. The game is by no means over for Apple. Apple has by no means lost the battle as its products are sensationally profitable and its launch fuels hope for a potential blockbuster.

  • One of the major new features Samsung has been touting is the fingerprint sensor integrated into the home button, which provides several new security-oriented features. Fingerprint sensors aren’t new to smartphones, the Motorola Atrix, for example, included a fingerprint reader in the power button on the top, but with a comeback in the Apple iPhone, the Galaxy S5 might not be the only Android handset to include one in the coming years.

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