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When information hoarding becomes rife, collaboration stops

The global supply chain is a complex system and its success largely depends on the ability of its stakeholders to collaborate. However, when information hoarding becomes rife and key data is kept to individual groups or companies, collaboration can come to a screeching halt. This article will examine how information hoarding can have devastating effects on the global supply chain, and suggest ways to combat this problem in order to ensure successful collaboration between all parties involved.

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In the old model of supply chains, businesses used to relate to each other in a very linear manner

In today’s modern business landscape, companies are increasingly relying on complex global supply chains. In the old model of supply chains, businesses used to interact with each other in a very linear manner. This model was highly efficient in its day, but it was ultimately limited by factors such as time and geographical constraints. With the development of digital technologies, companies have been able to create more sophisticated supply chain models that are better adapted to the ever-changing global economy.

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As human consciousness evolves beyond mammalian realms, clarity of purpose
becomes more important than a clear line of hierarchy

The global supply chain is a vast and complex system, but its ultimate purpose is to provide for the needs of people around the world. As humans continue to evolve in terms of consciousness, clarity of purpose has become increasingly important. This is especially true when it comes to managing a global supply chain. Hierarchy and organizational structures are still important, but they must be put into perspective with a clear understanding of the ultimate goal – satisfying customer needs on a global scale.

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Money power is being replaced by network power

The digital age is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, and networks are becoming increasingly powerful. The global supply chain is no exception: money power is being replaced by network power. In this article, we will explore how network power is changing the way companies create and manage their global supply chains. We will look at how a new type of ‘network intelligence’ is allowing companies to take advantage of greater efficiency, flexibility and scalability.

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Power Of Preparation In Supply Chain

The Power Of Preparation In Supply Chain, Better Results

The Power Of Preparation In Supply Chain When implementing a new Information Technology system, companies often neglect the preparation step and the story always ends with failures. Indeed, the lack of preparation is the first mistake to avoid. Preparation is the basis of the entire implementation process. Your results will depend on how you prepare

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About Supply Chain 3.0 In this series, I will address the second question raised at the start of the previous blog series – “What are the benefits of supply chain 3.0?” Before answering that question, let me go over the three type of responses I generally get when I explain to people that supply chain 3.0 is real.

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Asian Bankers Summit Supply Chain

Key Themes From The Asian Bankers Summit of Supply Chain

THE ASIAN BANKERS SUMMIT OF SUPPLY CHAIN Despite a high level of participation, and over 1,000 attendees, the mood was rather sombre. I enjoyed the frank and realistic discussions and tried to attend as many sessions as my limited schedule permitted. I am a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) for the last 14 years, and attend

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Your Business Network

3 Benefits Of Your Business Network – Outcompete Anyone

About Your Business Network Thought leaders have a five star business network. They leverage of the value created by their business and supplier contacts to outcompete rivals and stay relevant. Your business can outcompete rivals too using its network. There are a number of ways your business can achieve this goal.

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Causes Supply Chain Confusion

Supply Chain Confusion : 11 Causes With Best Solutions

My last post “Supply Chain Confusion could kill your business“ generated several great comments from highly qualified professionals around the world, and in this post I want to explore the reasons for the confusion. Obviously, the confusion is debilitating, and unprofitable. I am sure readers will have their own experiences with the confusion in supply chain world,

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Amazon Shipping Items

Amazon Shipping Items Before You Order It: Creepy Or Savvy?

How Amazon Shipping Can Ease Your Pain After delivery drones, Amazon has created yet another news sensation! This time with predictive shipping and patenting it. In this article, Cathy Morrow Robertson describes Amazon’s latest leap: “Based on previous orders, product searches, wish lists, shopping cart contents and other online customer experiences,

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Supply Chain 3.0


SUPPLY CHAIN 3.0 In the last entry, I have talked about the first two pillars underpinning Supply Chain 3.0. So, what are the other three key cornerstones? Transaction Optimisation Profitability (TOP) measures the ability to simultaneously minimize the costs, and maximize the revenues on each transaction that a company enters into. Consider this – there are companies today that

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