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Maximizing Efficiency and Cost Savings with Results-Focused, Modularized Outsourcing (ROM)

Results-Focused, Modularized Outsourcing (ROM) is a powerful approach for maximizing efficiency and cost savings in business operations. By breaking down complex processes into modular components and outsourcing specific tasks to specialized providers, companies can achieve greater flexibility and scalability while reducing costs. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of ROM and provide strategies for implementing this approach in your business. With ROM, you can streamline your operations, reduce overhead expenses, and focus on core competencies, leading to improved profitability and long-term success.

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How can I fine tune my business model and the 5-STAR network continually as the circumstances change? What have other companies in my industry and region done as customer preferences evolve, newer suppliers become available, newer technologies come to the market and competitors change their strategies?

In the ever-changing business environment, companies are constantly having to adjust and fine tune their business models. This article will explore how companies can make sure their business model is up to date with customer preferences and industry trends, particularly relevant to those in the global supply chain. It will look at the 5-STAR network and discuss how other companies in similar industries have adapted to changing circumstances.

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In Your Business Strategy

When information hoarding becomes rife, collaboration stops

The global supply chain is a complex system and its success largely depends on the ability of its stakeholders to collaborate. However, when information hoarding becomes rife and key data is kept to individual groups or companies, collaboration can come to a screeching halt. This article will examine how information hoarding can have devastating effects on the global supply chain, and suggest ways to combat this problem in order to ensure successful collaboration between all parties involved.

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Breaking the Mold: Why Companies Need to Prioritize Customers Over Internal Focus

In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, the global supply chain has become an integral part of successful businesses. However, companies often fail to recognize the importance of prioritizing customers over internal focus in order to remain competitive. This article will explain why companies should break away from outdated methods and prioritize customers in order to keep up with changes in the global market.

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Cost Analysis Monte Carlo, Google Spreadsheets

Build A Great Cost Analysis Monte Carlo Simulation In Excel

Cost analysis is a vital part of an efficient supply chain. With cost analysis, businesses are able to assess their current spending and plan for future investments. Monte Carlo simulation is an advanced method of cost analysis that uses random sampling to help organizations identify potential risks and opportunities. Google Spreadsheets provides businesses with a convenient platform for conducting Monte Carlo simulations.

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Ford To Recall Escape SUVs For The 7th Time

Ford To Recall Escape SUVs For The 7th Time

Ford to recall Escape SUVs due to fuel leaks.Car owners are generally not pleased on hearing about manufacturer recall of their vehicles, yet once again, those owning the 2013 Ford Escape SUVs will be affected. U.S. automobile giant Ford is to recall two more types of the popular model worldwide to fix oil and fuel

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Corporate World Look

Why Should The Corporate World Look To Egolessness In 2014

The Corporate World Look In Supply Chain 2013 has been a breakthrough year for the top echelon of professionals around the world. One of the reasons, in my view, is the focus on mindfulness. For the first time, I have seen the corporate world embrace a practice adopted in the personal lives of many masters

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Australia Leads The Way To Globalisation

Australia Leads The Way To Globalisation With Triple FTA

About Australia Leads The Way To Globalisation Australia is talking with ministers from Japan, Korea and China to finalise Free Trade Agreements with the trio ahead of Tony Abbott‘s visit to Asia in April. On Wednesday, Japan’s Farm Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi and Australia’s Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb failed to reach a consensus on tariff elimination. However, they confirmed negotiations would still be underway to

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Business Executives

What Business Executives Can Learn From The Story Of Brazil’s

Business Executives of Brazil’s Soccer In the early 90s, more than two decades since its last World Cup championship title, Brazil hungered for the trophy more than any other country on earth. Yet the scars from its 1950 campaign were still not totally erased. Dubbed as the saddest day in Brazilian soccer history, July 16

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Business Models

Business Models – New Unique Perspective 101

Old Business Models Are Getting Redundant When General Motors filed for Chapter XI protection in 2008, it also marked the closing of a type of business models in modern commerce. General Motors was seen as the paragon of modern American management theory as popularized by Peter Drucker in the middle of the twentieth century.

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Globalisation – Big Solution That We Need For Today’s Big Problems

How Will Globalisation Be In The Future. No matter which country you look at today – you see big problems. Emerging problems are currently grappling with massive monetary expansionism triggered by a need to keep currency stability in face of periodic bouts of Quantitative Easings. For example see the article “Rajan Warns of Policy Breakdown as

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Miles Of Amazon


Miles Of Amazon Complexity Network Rivers become amazingly complex in their last few miles. If you have not yet done that try and navigate the Amazon delta from the sea up to the river – it is an enlightening experience. As a former ship’s master, I have had the privilege of navigating up a number

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