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Supply Chain Management: Why Clarity is Key to Business Survival

In today’s increasingly globalized world, the success of businesses is heavily dependent on the effectiveness of their supply chain management. As a result, it is essential that companies have a clear understanding of how their global supply chain operates in order to ensure business survival. Supply chain management involves various processes such as procurement, production, and distribution, all of which must be effectively managed to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability. Clarity and transparency in these processes are paramount to overall success and should therefore not be overlooked.

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The China Factor: Navigating the Volatility of the World’s Largest Market

China’s rise to become the world’s largest market has been a source of both great opportunity and great risk for global companies. As such, businesses must understand how to navigate the volatility of this market in order to position themselves successfully in the global supply chain. This article will provide insight on the current state of China’s markets, as well as strategies for navigating its changing landscape.

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In the old model of supply chains, businesses used to relate to each other in a very linear manner

In today’s modern business landscape, companies are increasingly relying on complex global supply chains. In the old model of supply chains, businesses used to interact with each other in a very linear manner. This model was highly efficient in its day, but it was ultimately limited by factors such as time and geographical constraints. With the development of digital technologies, companies have been able to create more sophisticated supply chain models that are better adapted to the ever-changing global economy.

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In Your Business Strategy

The drag of Wall Street and other similar institutions

The global supply chain has been significantly impacted by the drag of Wall Street and other similar financial institutions. For decades, these institutions have been viewed as pillars of the global economy, setting standards for investments and influencing business decisions. But in recent years, the rise in corporate greed, unethical practices and a disregard for accountability have put pressure on businesses to rethink their reliance on such institutions.

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Business CEO

Why Most CXOs Will Never Make It To Business CEO?

CXOs will never make it Business CEO Kevin was a brilliant finance executive. After doing a few years in an accountancy practice he had joined a company in its finance department and steadily risen in rank over the years to become its Chief Finance Officer. The board trusted his numbers as well as his prudent

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Business Networks Of Supply chain, Rebalancing The Supply Chain Company, Does Your Supply Chain Company Have Second-Class Citizens?

Art Of Harmonious Rebalancing The Supply Chain Company

The Art Of Harmonious Rebalancing The Supply Chain Company Many years ago, I was engaged in a strategic transformation project in a mid-size airline. For some curious reasons the airline was of critical importance to the national economy and occupied a very high position in the national political totem pole.

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The Global Business Networks Shortening

Are The Global Business Networks Shortening The Success Cycle?

The Global Business Networks are Shortening The first business book that I read was “In Search of Excellence” by Tom Peters and . It was a gushing account by two ex-McKinsey consultants truly in search of excellence among American businesses, and plethora of advise that to my then untutored mind (after all, I was still

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Profitable Business Transformation Using Supply Chain

The 5-STAR Business Network Interview- TRANSCRIPT

Topic: The 5-STAR Business Network Interview Interviewer: Ric Bratton of This Week In America Interviewee: Vivek Sood of Global Supply Chain Group (author of The 5-STAR Business Networks) Here is the entire transcript of the interview: 5 STAR Business Ric Bratton: Welcome back everybody!

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Green Supply Chain: Procurement

Implementation of Green supply chain : Procurement

Green Supply Chain: Procurement Procurement also known as purchasing is “Securing supplies, materials, and services of the right quality in the right quantity at the right time from the right place (source) at the right cost price”. So the procurement in traditional supply chain could procure you the best possible cost to meet the needs

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