Foreign Trade Minister Of Costa Rica Thanks Global Supply Chain Group

Global Supply Chain Group

Foreign Trade Minister Of Costa Rica Thanks Global Supply Chain Group’s Vivek Sood For Representing Asia Pacific Perspective At The Suppliers Exchange Forum In San Jose, Costa Rica The SEF 2 or Suppliers Exchange Forum was a premier event in Central American calendar attended by more than 800 participants, exhibitors and speakers. The event was […]

Intel Gearing Up To Face The Mobile Assault: It May Even Beat Them At Their Game

Global Supply Chain Group - mobile1

News Release Contact: Angela Crown, [email protected] Due: November 26, 2013 Forwarding: Permitted The World’s Biggest Semiconductor Manufacturer Has Announced Plans To Expand The Use Of Its State-Of-The-Art Factories For Other Chipmakers. As Competition Escalates, Intel Hopes The Move Will Push Its Revenue By Taking Advantage Of Its Multi-Billion Dollars’ Worth Of Supply Chain Investment. Specifically, […]

Complexity Management

Complexity Management

Although this title can seem a little absurd, this article aims at understanding better the principles of complexity management. In effect, complexity is a large concept, which usually seems unmanageable for most managers. Let us start with the pillars of complexity management for businesses. Strategy Alignment with Complexity Management Most projects fail because this condition […]

EBay And Amazon Beware, Alibaba’s Coming IPO Means Time To Protect Home Turf

EBay And Amazon Beware

About E-Bay And Amazon Beware The world’s biggest e-commerce company is set to go public in the world’s biggest retail market, the latter is true at least for now. Alibaba announced its decision to “commence the process of an initial public offering in the United States” on Sunday. After last year’s failed attempt to persuade […]

There Is Only One Key To Success in Supply Chain

Success in Supply Chain

Business books, blogs and literature are full of secrets of success. A recent experience taught me that it need not be too complex. Why Do I Call It The Only One Key To Success in Supply Chain? Hopefully, that will be clear in the next 5-10 minutes it takes to read about this incident. This […]



As you can see, supply chain 3.0 is for everyone, small and big companies. Now let me demonstrate the concrete benefits of having supply chain 3.0 and I promise these are not dull or irrelevant stories. Supply Chain 3.0 Helps Leverage Your Business Infrastructure Over the past several decades, both the global economy as well […]

Helping To Keep Sports Barrier-Free

Helping To Keep Sports

Everything You Need To Know About Helping To Keep Sports If there is one thing that could unite the spirits of mankind, amid all the chaos and turmoil in the world, it is sport. Whenever there is a large-scale sporting event, such as the World Cup or the Olympics, people gather, share and watch. Sport […]

Who Is Going To Win The Battle Of Titans (Apple, Amazon & Google)

The Battle Of Titans

The Battle Of Titans As everybody knows, three giants in the tech and software world have amassed an incomparable power in recent years from their networks and their strategies. With a vast range of products, they have stitched up the market amongst themselves. But what are the strengths and weaknesses of each giant? What are […]

Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

About Mind The Gap Why do companies achieve far worse performance than what could be feasible with their superior hiring and training capabilities? It appears as if there are some invisible chains that are constantly pulling these companies back all the time. Something significant yet intangible is acting as a brake that inhibits the functionality […]